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    Script Plouffe - Shops Robbery

    Requirements Plouffe - Lib Framework Any Features Shops generate money over time Optimised (0.0ms) Secured Not obfuscated Info This is a pretty simple and straight forward script i might update it to add cashier and machines robbery to it its mostly meant to be an easy replacement for...

    Script Plouffe - Paleto bank heist

    Requirements Plouffe - Lib Plouffe - Doorlock Framework Any Features Complex hacking (kinda) (You need to complete both hacks in a limited time) Gabz mapping compatibility Optimised (0.0ms) Secured Generates money over time Money is always split between the amount of trolleys Not obfuscated...

    Script Whereiam Ownable Bunkers! [ESX]

    ox_inventory ox_lib Preview Download

    Script Plouffe - Cayo perico heist [ESX/QBCore]

    Cayo1280×720 88.6 KB Links Preview Documentation Download Requirements Plouffe - Lib Plouffe - Doorlock Plouffe - Cayo loader (You can also use your own) Framework Any Description Start the robbery doing the hack Kill the guards Look the keys Find doors associated with keys (if your...

    Script Rob ATMs [ESX]

    This script makes it possible to rob ATMs: Preview lee_robatm.rar (3.2 KB) (!) PERMISSIONS (!) You can edit it, but don’t re-publish it as yourown. (!) Keep in mind (!) This wouldn’t have been possible for me without @aiko0cb.vd’s help Currently, you can only rob the ATM at the beach...

    Script [Standelone] Ace-Givecash

    This is a Free resource for anoyone to use. This script is both ESX and QBUS accessable, im working on vRP soo that will be coming later on This script allows you to easily give cash/dirty cash to your friends or other players, admins/non-admins can use this Images You can download it HERE...

    Script Plouffe - Train heist

    Train1280×720 101 KB Links Preview 246 Documentation 15 Download 65 Requirements Plouffe - Lib 61 Framework Any Important This has not been tested in a live roleplay environment, trains are extremely buggy so please report any bugs if you find any. Description Call the train from the...

    Script [ESX- QB ] Codem-Scoreboard

    Discord Mode : Steam Mode : None Mode : Codem Scoreboard Scoreboard script for roleplay servers works with esx or qb-core Preview Video 125 Setup Drag into resources select server framework from config file Note if you want to steam profile pictures work make sure set "steam_webApiKey" in...

    Script | Ultra-Ids | QB - ESX

    Ultra IDs
  10. CR LEAKS

    Script [QB/ESX] K5 Documents

    This is a free and open Fivem script that provides a document management system. Demo Watch the demo here: YouTube Download Features QBCore and ESX support Define jobs that can issue a document Document templates are managed by the job bosses Nice and easy to understand UI Animations to...
  11. CR LEAKS

    Script STG Nintendo Switch ESX/QB Open Source

    Click Me to Download Attachments
  12. CR LEAKS

    Script Walking Stick - STG_WALKINGSTICK

    Preview Download [ESX] Download Open Source [QBCore] Download Open Source Tebex Store
  13. CR LEAKS

    Script Locker system compatible with ox_inventory

    This is a locker system compatible with ox_inventory, currently supports ESX. Download
  14. CR LEAKS

    Script Dream Tanker [ESX/QBCore]

    Download Click Me
  15. CR LEAKS

    Script Codem Black Hood V1 & V2

    Download:- Click Me
  16. CR LEAKS

    Script [ESX] [QBCore]Elevators [WASABI]

    wasabi_elevators This resource was created as a ESX/QBCore plug and play target based elevator script utilizing ox_lib. Features: Smooth transition 0.0 ms Usage Smooth screen fade ESX/QB Compatible Target based Elevators anywhere Dependencies es_extended or QBCore qtarget or qb-target...
  17. CR LEAKS

    Script QBCore SignRobbery [Nopixel Styled]

    [Preview]: [Download]: Download Link
  18. CR LEAKS

    Script Oil Drilling Job[ ESX/QBCore]

    Unique and Advance Oil Drilling Job with responsive UI and Compatible with any QBCore and ESX server. Features Count total workers job 2 types of oil Responsive UI Work with Eye Target & Draw Text Selling Shop Synced with other players such as total workers Easy to setup for a job for your...
  19. CR LEAKS

    Script PEFCL - A banking resource (Standalone/ESX/QBCore

    PEFCL 1 Watch the PEFCL showcase 149 Hi, again. We’ve been working on a new project, and after months of work, we are happy to introduce PEFCL (PE-Financial). PEFCL Release (Current version 1.0.0) PEFCL is a feature rich, standalone banking resource utilizing some of the best technology. With...
  20. CR LEAKS

    Script Grabble Gun Escape [Nopixel Styled]

    Preview: Download: Download Link

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