A CR Forums May Updates (Security & Others) 2024


Apr 25, 2022
Greeting My Brothers and Sisters,
Its been a long time for updates. As you might know there are certain changes you might be seeing after long time. We are working on stuff to make things good and easy for you specially the Support System. Which is more concerning Topic of all time. Thus We finally decided to add some new stuff for you to increase communication with you on support So we can understand means of report and understand more often. Thus for Support We have Brought Ticketing System which is guided below

CR 5M Ticketing System:

As from last couple of days you might seem some stuff on navigation bar and Footer (Bottom) on Forums stuff called Support Ticket.

This is the new method to know your queries more often while on communication of Reports. You can create tickets via Reports button on same place on posts which has been replaced with previous Reporting method

Once you click on it a Pop up will appear would as certain data for Fields


Department: Example (Ignore it for first time as its in Development phase)
Priority: You can set Priority (IT will be removed and given to staff only)
Title: This contain reason of report Also prefixes will be introduced to make more comfortable
Article Section: In this section We request users to put Which form link it is and attachment as proof or evidence so we could understand information about report. Once that is done. you need to open Ticket