ESX [DEVCORE] Realistic Needs [Drinks] [Shots] [Food] [Alcohol]


Jan 18, 2023

Depedencies: ESX, mythic_notify


The script is optimized to 0.1ms.

You can give everything in your hand to your friend and he can give it back to you.

For example, if you drink from a can of cola, a random amount of ml will be taken,

and if you give the can to a friend, he will get it with the amount with which you passed it on.

If you drink alcohol, the effect increases with each use, but it also slowly leaves. In the configuration you can set how much the drink will add effect after use.

If you use esx_status, it is possible to set for each item how much status it will give you after each use.

If you use larger drinks, such as a bottle of wine or vodka, you have the option of pouring yourself a shot or a glass of wine. if you pour, take a quantity of ml from the bottle and you can drink a shot or a glass of wine or give it to a friend or put the item in your inventory.

there is an option to add more items in the configuration.

For each item you can set the size of food in grams and drinks in milliliters the more you set the more you eat or drink.

You can use an alcohol tester that shows you how much alcohol a person has in their blood.

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