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Mar 25, 2022
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A reworked mz-usbhacks resource to facilitate more hacking options, easier difficulty modifications and a non-mz-skills option. Optimised for the latest qb-core with deprecated functions removed.

  • Now works with or without mz-skills “Hacking” XP integration (can be run as a standalone resource)
  • Highly customisable, almost all variables of each hack set via config.lua;
  • Optimised to operate at resmon 0.00 idle;
  • Configured with qb-core standard notifications and “okokNotify” notifications;
  • Open source code for maximum customisation options;
  • Replaces qb-lock dependency with ps-ui;
  • Utilises 3 hacking classes “mhacking”, “scramble” and “VAR Hack” via ps-ui to allow a player to convert blank USBs (found either in bins via mz-bins or alternatively capable of replacing cryptosticks in standard qb-core jobs if not using qb-crypto);
  • Outputs 7 USB variants with scaled probabilities based on “Hacking” XP if using mz-skills or as set by the server owner for non-XP options;
  • Earning “Hacking” XP via performing successful hacks unlocks harder hacks (which can be customised) producing better probabilities of better hack returns i.e. more rare USB outputs. All hack difficulty variables are set via config.lua;

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| Code is accessible | Yes |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | 1500+ |
| Requirements | Specified in github readme.md |
| Support | Yes |